Friday, August 14, 2009

A few pics

Violet is getting so big! She is super chill as you can see in this photo:

I love Tom Hanks. I can't even joke about that~

I even have a dress ready should he ask me to marry him.

Brad is such a flirt. Mark who?

I love the beach, but my skin can't handle the sun anymore. I really needed a hat this day.

It's not easy maintaining this beautiful translucent skin.

Hey, nothing wrong w a little dark meat.

Mark in the tub. Or more like the toilet. Hey Mark - fiber might help.

Mark was having a grand time until riiiight after I snapped this pic.

I ran in to my old bf John. His breath reeked of sardines. I should know after making out with him for 4 hours.

Kurt - I just couldn't get over seeing him in Detroit!

My beautiful doll, Sadie

Got me some new jammies - Underroos, remember those?

I told Mark his palms weren't going to be the only body part effected if he kept it up like that.

Tom is so weird!! He insisted he get his pic taken with me. Whatevaaaa!

It was a really rainy weekend.

This creep wouldn't let me use the swing alone.

Another ex. He's a good hugger.

This dude got totally wasted in the park - he didn't even feel the bites!

I tried red. Mark likes brunette better.