Friday, June 4, 2010

No joke

I'm broke.

So I need to work this out.  I need to look at my options.

Option 1.  dump my house/ruin my credit.  move in to Marks mom's empty house, next door to her house. Only pay utilities. cut back on work - 2 days a week on the days that Mark has off.  go insane living next to in-laws in a house that is not mine.  Well actually they want to give it to us.  Get on the welfare. Raise my own children.

Option 2.  umm... run away?

Option 3.  I got nothing.

I can't take other people raising my kids. I can't keep sending my sick child to daycare where they cannot give her the care she needs.  Is living next to in-laws less painful?  No offense to them.  They are nice and great and all, but... everyone will tell you it's a bad idea to move in next to your in-laws.  Just watch Everybody Loves Raymond.