Saturday, October 23, 2010

The House II

I thought it was funny to look back to October 26, 2009 and see this post: .  So much has happened since then.  We moved in to the house a week ago today.  It has changed in some ways but still needs a lot more work.  We are indeed sleeping in the living room and the towels have no place of their own, but we did a lot of work on the living room, and fixed it well enough to move in.  It smells pretty awful to me.  The basement is wet and nasty and need attention next, after I finish painting the built-in shelves made to fill the "wall window" in the "living room".  Here are a couple more recent pics.
I didn't take a pic of the living room before we moved in.  It looks pretty good now.

The Dining room

This is what happens when nothing is baby proofed.  Thank goodness the powder was almost empty.

I'll take more pics soon.