Monday, March 31, 2008

I will lock my doors

I replaced my Nissan Pulsar with a Ford Taurus. Rob and I had to get parts fromthe junkyard to replace the dash pannel and the trim around the radio. It was rough going and took the better part of a day to do. I was shopping at Target and had a primo parking spot right up front so you could see my Ford Taurus from the store. So I guess when you park somewhere everyone looks at your car when they leave the store, you should roll up the windows and lock it. When we got back to the car the radio was gone along with the dang trim we worked so hard to get. Oh and I left my purse in there too, tucked behind the passenger seat. That was still there, along with the remote for the radie. HAHA ASSHOLES! Anyway, oh yeah and they popped the trunk and stole the case of Dasani water I had back there! They had some balls! Target security said they couldn't see anything due to solar glare. Fuckers. I reported it to the police and they said whatevaaa.

Shortly after that incident I took my vacation in Massachusetts. I had a lovely time with Cassie and Carl and Kai.

Rob and Angie picked me up from the airport and brought me back to their house, where my car was. My car was parked where I left it, but someone had written all over it: "I WILL LOCK MY DOORS". Inside I found a new radio mounted in the new dash trim. And in the trunk... A case of water.

Rob collected donations from all of my "shultzy" friends and bought the radio and installed it and how cool is that? It came with a card signed by a bunch of my friends.

I still never locked my doors.

What to blog what to blog

My best writing is stirred up when I am full of confusing thoughts and need to lay them down in some sort of order. Dating can be confusing for me, but if I want this to be public I can't write about that, or I will scare him off.
Having a child is not confusing so far. Oh, I am uncertain how to handle certain situations, but I don't lose sleep over it.
I will just write whatever comes up, for Mark mostly, because it just doesn't seem fair to me that I get some insight into his thoughts, but he only knows what I tell him. At the same time tho... I do not have access to his most personal thoughts and really only read what he wants the public to know and vica versa of course. What would happen if I vomited all of the strange and stupid and silly and scary thoughts that race around in my head at any given moment? If I wasn't worried about spooking Mark I might do it.