Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home Improvements

Sadie's new bedroom walls

After 3 coats of Kilz, 2 coats of each of the 3 colors and 2 on the ceiling... oh and an evening of painting stars, adhering gemstones and then glitering paint dots we are DONE with Sadie's room.  Now I just need to find some carpet that is so awesome that someone will just give it to me for free, and wait for the new windows to come in and oh again, sew the curtains and install the blinds.  That's all.

We will move in to the new house once we complete the living room walls.  There is a lot of sanding involved.  We are stripping the wood panneling down to new wood and then staining it all white.  It's going to look fricking fabulous!
Angie getting her sanding on.
See that little white patch next to the window?  Thats what we are going for.  We had to try it out before we went through all of the trouble.  Otherwise I was just going to paint it.

So many things need to be done in this house big, like building and tearing down walls, and small jobs like painting and cleaning that I feel like it will never get done.  NOt for lack of energy, but lack of funds.  This one bedroom has already cost well over $100 and the carpet will be another $200.  I am doing Sadie's room before most other things because she is the most fragile of the the 4 of us moving.  I want her to look forward to sleeping in that room.

We are still living without internet and cable.  That alone is really pushing me to move.  I am getting internet at least asap once we set a date to make the big move.  We can watch tv and movies through the net.  yay!

I am still happy to not be working.  I do not miss the job at all.  The children are a handfull and sometimes I think fondly about life before kids, but I am still happier now than I have been for years.  I am working for myself and my family now and that seems just so right.