Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why are we here?

Plastic... Assholes.

This is one of my favorite Carlin performances. Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I killed someone last night - well... this morning.

I have only had my car stolen 1 time. Considering how many cars I have owned, that is pretty good! I keep dreaming about my car being stolen. What is interesting to me is that dream me is keeping a tally of how many dream cars have been stolen.

Often I will head out to the parking lot of wherever I was dreaming I was at - like school or a concert, and try to remember when I left my car and finally realize that it was stolen which REALLY upsets me because I JUST had do deal with this with my last car! I usually throw this huge fit, stomp around, scream and cry at the top of my lungs, and call the police. As usual it is very difficult to call the police, because I can never dial correctly in my dreams.

So, this morning another car was stolen. I couldn't even remember which car I was using at this time because my last car was stolen just last week and I simply can't keep track of what car I was driving before it was stolen, but regardless... it was gone. I pitch my fit, realize that this time I know who stole the car because the police are already there and they tell me and of course can't do anything about it so I decided to end this shit once and for all.

My dreams have become quite predictable.

I hunt this guy down in this big house which is built like a maze (as usual in my dreams) and finally corner him in a small room and I think I actually dodged some bullets but anyway I get him on the floor and I'm on top of him and I decide to strangle him to death to stop the madness of car thieving.

This was a very premeditated kind of murder. I was not really angry at this point - just determined. Normally my rage would make me want to slam someones head into the concrete floor until my animal rage was satisfied but this time I was just trying to figure out how to strangle the guy most efficiently. He looked like the DEA guy from Breaking Bad. Anyway, I kept trying different holds on his neck until I finally succeeded, by putting all of my weight on my fists which were on either side of his windpipe.

What I mean by predictable is that it's like there are always interior structures that are built like mazes. I am always finding little treasures here and there. My frickin car keeps getting stolen. War invasions. Tornado's. The number dialing thing. Blindness. Anyway I think it's kind of sad that there's nothing new going on - my dreams have become as predictable and boring as my life.

I still need a vacation BTW.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny - or maybe it will be after I get some sleep

Luck is funny. ha. frickin' HA!

I go to start my car last night at midnight so I can rush my 23 month old daughter to the ER, and the damned car wouldn't start. I talked Mark in to staying at his moms last night, so I ended up pushing my car out of the driveway and parking it on the street so that we could access my moms van.

Sadie is fine, she just had a high temperature and everything that goes along with it... the shakes, twitching, lethargy, pain,vomiting. They say she has a middle ear infection. I think it's more than that as she was really congested, but she got antibiotics, so I'm good w that. She was her usual self this morning and is at daycare.

I was hoping I was just too low on gas, but more gas did not fix the problem. The driver said it sounded like the timing belt. Whoopee! It is at a friends house and I hope it can be fixed soon and for not a lot of money.

I am using my moms van, but I hate it and want my lil car back asap. My pelvis has become very painful all of the time due to SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).

"Any activity that involves lifting one leg at a time or parting the legs tends to be particularly painful. Lifting the leg to put on clothes, getting out of a car, bending over, sitting down or getting up, walking up stairs, standing on one leg, lifting heavy objects, and walking in general tend to be difficult at times. Many women report that moving or turning over in bed is especially excruciating."

I had it with Sadie. It sucks. Only 3 months to go!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I need some ideas

I need to get away for a weekend sans child. I want to go somewhere that will not cost too much, where I don't have to clean up after myself, and I can sleep whenever I want. I would also like to have some fun. Maybe a little casino action, or a water slide or something to make the weekend feel like a full 48 hours, instead of 6. Someplace within say... 2 hours drive. Canada, Ohio, Michigan... whatever. Does such a place exist? Money is what is really holding me back - like, there's Zehnder's in Frankenmuth, but that costs $540 for 2 nights. Re-fucking-diculous.

Oh well. It's not going to happen - I'll get over it.