Monday, October 26, 2009

The house

It's 4am and my belly hurts.  I think I'm ovulating.  I'm a bit disturbed by the idea that my tubes are cut.  Where is the egg going? Is it just sitting there at the end of the tube rotting?

Here is the garage. It's solid and large.  It was a nice start to the tour.

This is the entry door on the side of the house.  The garage is on the left and the kitchen door is on the right.   This room is called "the mud room" and was also nice - roomy for a place to take your shoes off.  Here is the other side of the room:

So then to the left we enter the kitchen area:

Not too bad!   It's bigger than my kitchen and much wider.  Another cool thing is that all you do is turn around and:

Next we have the "master bedroom"

and to the upstairs, but first the bathroom:


This area is kinda neat:

At the top of the stair is a common area, and off of that are 2 small rooms.  One room is very small - big enough for a crib and maybe a dresser, the other  is very small as well and would fit the same.  The cool part is the common are could be a play area.  There is also a big closet up there. Here are the rooms:

  This house holds a lot of good memories for their family, but it's just not right for us.

The biggest issue is that the kids would be upstairs.  Sadie is clumsy right now and would break her neck climbing those stairs within a week.  Seriously she whacked her head at least 10 times today, and fell at least a dozen.  My mom thinks there's something wrong with her - I think she's two.  Anyway, for the next few years I would have to trek the children up and down those stairs every time they wanted a toy.  Every time a toddler had to go pee pee.  Every midnight feeding. Every nightmare.  They would not be able to just go to their room and play.   If they were 5 and 7 it would be different.
We are cramped now, and despite the fact that they say it is 1430 sq. ft., it seems smaller than what I have now at 1000 sq ft.  I need more room.  I need to be able to walk through my living room without tripping over baby gear.  I really don't think I would be happy sleeping in the living room and living in the dining room and storing my towels and toiletries in the basement.

Oh, and here is the outside. 



Aside from it being a horrid little house, it's never a good idea to live [esp for free] in an in'laws house. Suddenly, you're the freeloader and they get to boss you around and you're always ungrateful if you object.

For that trade off they'd better offer up a mansion!

I'm Scooter, but I might be a troll. said...

I think UBERMOUTH has had a poor experience with in-laws. Honestly, my mother just wants her baby and her baby's babies to be close to her.

The house is... odd. You are making perfect sense. Still, I suppose my good memories of the house are clouding my opinions. I could never call it horrid.

It's odd, and my family is odd. It worked for us, and if it can't work for you, that is perfectly cool.

Kimber said...

It's not horrid. Just not what I was hoping for. I need more SPACE. It is also a very generous offer. I feel bad for not taking them up on it right away. I feel bad for being disappointed. I agree that mixing business w family is a risky venture. Intentions are always good going in, but I see things go ugly more often than not, whether it's loaning money or giving someone a place to stay.
There are a lot of issues to weigh here and as things are we would be losing money to move there. We'll figure something out.

Krissyface said...
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Krissyface said...

hoo boy. This is a quandry. Go with your heart. You'll make the right choice, and if this one isn't right, another one will be. As my mama always says, 'one door closes, another one opens...'
oh, god. I just quoted my mother.